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Organized by event co-host the Government of Viet Nam, the ITU Digital World 2021 Virtual Exhibition features National Pavilions, key regional players, high-growth SMEs – and new partnership prospects.

This impressive online exhibition space offers a full range of functional areas, including a National Pavilion space, a thematic exhibition hall, business booths and a conference space. It is an opportunity to explore the national ICT strategies, projects and initiatives of countries from around the world - and to connect with major tech players in the ASEAN region through industry stands, presentations and networking.

Open to all visitors free of charge from 12 October, the Virtual Exhibition can be accessed from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Participants move around the spaces through 360 degrees, explore multimedia features, and communicate with exhibitors both in person and via an AI chatbot.

Exhibition opportunities
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The Virtual Exhibition includes:

Entrance Square

A panoramic overview of the exhibition space plus a guide on how to use the system and move around the exhibition

Main Hall

Featuring 2D and 3D exhibition spaces, auditorium, exhibition events and networking

National Hall

Fully interactive 2D and 3D National Pavilions from around the world

Business Booths

2D and 3D industry stands with multimedia content, live interaction and online meetings