Who we are

ITU Telecom World is a global platform for accelerating ICT innovations. It aims to deliver economic development and social good faster through its exhibition for digital solutions, forum for sharing knowledge, and networking hub connecting nations, organisations and individuals.

ITU Telecom World brings the smartest ideas and entrepreneurial spirit of digital start-ups and ICT SMEs together with governments, regulators, industry leaders, consultants and experts from emerging and developed markets around the world. This unique audience has the influence and intelligence to power faster social and economic development, create collaborative opportunity and stimulate industry growth.

It works towards establishing the trust and confidence needed to speed our progress towards a better-connected world and a better life for all. Together, we can make better happen sooner.

ITU Telecom World platform

About Digital World - accelerating innovation

Accelerating innovation

Enabling ICT innovation to progress faster through exhibiting innovation, exchanging knowledge and making meaningful connections.
About Digital World - unlocking potential

Unlocking potential

Turning ideas into action by introducing innovations, businesses and technologies to investors, influencers and policy-makers.

About Digital World - maximising impact

Maximising impact

Collaborating across sectors, borders and industries to take innovative solutions to scale in developed and emerging markets.