We enjoyed our participation in the event and received extensive, relevant exposure for our dbTrack product. This included a great deal of footfall and attention to our stand from attendees who were interested in learning more about the product, which was extremely beneficial. The opportunity to speak at the event, both in a roundtable discussion and in pitching for the ITU Telecom World Awards, gave us additional exposure and enabled us to address the correct target market in the ITU to raise awareness of the issue and of our dbTrack solution. Our main motivation for entering dbTrack in the ITU Telecom World Awards was to bring awareness of the technology and how it fits into the ITU draft standard with the WHO “Make Listening Safe” Initiative, which draws attention to the rising problem of recreational noise induced hearing loss (RNIHL). By winning this award we have gained greater marketing exposure to the product, which will bring more awareness to this growing issue and significant weight in the market in recognising that there is a solution available.