Japan Battery Regeneration

Winning the ITU Telecom World Award brought our company greatly increased reputation and credit – we got “treasure” from ITU in terms of its contribution to our future business growth. We have experienced excellent impact on our ongoing business discussions. In particular, the management of Nittsu Shoji (part of the global transportation company Nippon Express) was so impressed with our company’s award-winning technology that we were able to close a new deal with them in April 2016. Winning the Award has accelerated our progress going out to the world and expanded our domestic business, as well. We would definitely recommend taking part in ITU Telecom World – for an SME like us, we could never otherwise obtain the chance to exhibit at such a prestigious exhibition where we can meet leaders from major ICT companies and government officials from around the world. We have expanded our world by taking part in ITU Telecom World!