Securing cyberspace and protecting privacy- ITU Telecom- Forum- Nov2021

Securing cyberspace and protecting privacy: meeting the challenges of a digital world

Digital World 2021 Highlights November

The huge increase in the use of digital technologies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic has led to far greater numbers of connected devices, increasing the attack surface for cyber criminals. How can governments, companies and individuals keep up, who is responsible for securing safety online and what should our priorities be? These were the questions put by moderator Ioana Stupariu, Executive …

Greening our own house - ITU-Telecom- Forum session Nov2021

Greening our own house: addressing the environmental footprint of digital technologies

Digital World 2021 Highlights November

Sustainability and climate change are among the defining issues of our time. Digital technologies are important tools in helping governments and industry tackle the challenge. But the ICT sector also needs to address its own environmental footprint in terms of energy use, global standards and e-waste in particular – as experts from government, international organizations and businesses large and small …

Human at heart: privacy, transparency and accountability in AI

Digital World 2021 Highlights November

Opening this highly interesting session on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on humanity, its tremendous potential in meeting major global challenges such as health or climate change, and the fundamental issue of trust, moderator David Kirkpatrick, Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Techonomy Media asked the panel of experts for a definition. Is AI really just software that can learn or make …

Upskilling us all: digital skills for a digital world

Digital World 2021 Highlights November

Digital skills are necessary to survive and thrive in the digital world, but who should be responsible for delivering and funding training, and how can we create an inclusive, meaningful roadmap to the digital future? asked moderator Paul Conneally, Head of Global Communications, Livetiles, as he set the scene for a fascinating panel discussion on upskilling us all in the …