Chenda Thong

Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC)

Chenda Thong has more than 20 years of experience in public sector. After working at the central level of government, in November 2020 he was appointed Chairman of the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia. He holds qualifications in law from Norton University and English literature from the Institute of Foreign Languages in Cambodia. Prior to joining the TRC, Chairman Thong held various positions such as a Secretary of State for the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications, an advisor to the Office of the Council of Ministers, a legal advisor to the Chairman of the Third Committee of the National Assembly and the Vice President of the Royal Academy for Judicial Professions, one of the first state institutions to offer a fair and transparent national judicial entrance examination. As a renowned leader within the public entity, Chairman Thong creates a culture of solidarity and harmony with the core value of high integrity in the working place. His previous background powered his aspiration to lead the TRC to be one of the world class regulators, finding practical answers for some of the nation’s complex questions and to ensure good governance and transparency in management and operations