Loftur Jonasson

International Civil Aviation Organization

Loftur Jónasson holds the position of Chief CNSS (Communications, Navigation, Surveillance and Frequency Spectrum) at ICAO in addition to being the Secretary of the Frequency Spectrum Management Panel (FSMP) of ICAO’s Air Navigation Commission.

Loftur joined ICAO in 2007, major responsibilities being Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) for aeronautical Communication,Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) systems, and aeronautical frequency spectrum management. This includes representation of ICAO andaeronautical interests at the ITU World Radiocommunication Conferences and other international radioregulatory fora. Secretary of the Aeronautical Communications Panel (ACP), 2007 – 2014. Secretary of the FSMP, 2014 – present.

As an ElectricalEngineer (Telecommunications) since 1992, his background, in addition to aeronautical CNS systems, includes a variety of maritime related tasks, including being a project lead for the development and rollout of one of the world’s first marine vessel tracking systems, long before this became an international standard, at that time tracking a fleet of 2000+ ships through automatic position reporting by means of multiple routes, including VHF and satellite.

Prior to joining ICAO, over 15 years of experience with various aeronautical radio- and telecommunication engineering tasks and projects, mainly in support of air-ground and ground-ground voice and data communications and surveillance applications in the North Atlantic region. Since 1996 an active member of the ACP (previously Aeronautical Mobile Communications Panel, AMCP), including the chairmanship (Rapporteur) of two of its long-standing working groups.