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Along with its many challenges, the COVID-19 pandemic has given us opportunities to change. Its message is unavoidable, shaking us out of our routine and forcing us to re-evaluate. What is really important? What are our priorities? Should we continue doing what we have always done, or is it time to move on? To adopt new approaches to old challenges, or focus on new goals? How can we use the experiences and lessons of this difficult time to respond and recover in the most positive way possible?

AT ITU Digital World 2021 we will explore the new realities and take a fresh look at how to build the digital world. Together.

Four days of interactive debates will include:

  • A half-day Forum summit for all participants outlining the digital future we are aiming for, together
  • Ministerial Roundtables examining the views of the public sector at the highest level
  • Industry Roundtables defining what is possible - and how?
  • Panel sessions consisting of a mix of participants from public and private sectors, academia and international organizations discussing the challenges of the industry from all perspectives
  • Presentations showcasing the latest news from the private sector, what's going on behind the scenes - and what we can expect to see in the near future.

Forum topics

Debates will address areas such as:

Expanding connectivity - wired and wireless
The 5G era
National digital strategies
The role of satellite
Policy and regulation
Spectrum management
Digital skills and capacity development
Trust, privacy and cybersecurity in our digital world
Sustainable digital transformation
Smart cities and Industry 4.0 case studies
Taxation in the ICT sector
Digital health, EdTech and digital agriculture
As always, we attend ITU Telecom World in order to benefit from global best practices, find out what is going on in other economies, borrow from their experiences and also share our own ideas on how we deploy services in emerging technologies, AI, 5G, the Internet of Things. Coming here will enrich our experience on how best we are going to do this.
Prof Umar Garba Danbatta, Executive Vice Chairman & CEO, Nigerian Communications Commission
Joining events like this gives an opportunity both to thank our partners, but also to showcase that when private sector, public sector and governments come together there is really a meaningful conversation happening - and action.
Enrica Porcari, Chair UN ETC, Director of Technology & CIO, WFP

Session formats


Forum - keynotes

Thought-leadership and international perspectives at the highest level as leaders from public and private sectors share key messages and insights.

Panel sessions

Forum - panel sessions

Experts drawn from public, private and research sectors explore the core issues facing ICTs today from contrasting perspectives. Interactive, free of presentations or pre-set agendas and often passionate, panel sessions encourage contributions and questions from delegates on the stage and in the audience.

Partner sessions

Forum - dialogues

Forum sessions or facilitated workshops organized by ITU but shaped by input and contributions from interested companies, associations or organizations.


Forum - roundtables

Ministers, regulators or CEOs share experiences, success stories and case studies from the perspective of their countries or organizations to personal viewpoints and powerful insider insights on future directions within the ICT industry, kicking off debate at the highest level on policies, perspectives and best practices from across the globe.