ITU Virtual Digital World 2020
SME Awards Jury

Many thanks to our jury of experts for their invaluable support and participation in selecting the best innovative ICT solutions at ITU Virtual Digital World 2020.


Shai Harel

Academic Director

Tel Aviv University

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Marcell Kovacs


Maxellco Ltd.

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Jeremy Wilks

Science reporter


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Yves Zieba


Yves Zieba

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Tony Azzarelli


Azzurra Telecom Ltd (UK)

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Claudia Marcusson

Strategy & Innovation Lead

SC Ventures

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Raymond Gbegbe

Professor in Electrical and Electronics Department

Institut National Polytechnique Houphou√ęt-Boigny (INP-HB)

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Brian Asingia


DreamGalaxy Platform

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Elora Gupta


Drug and Device Advisory Group

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Chris Odu



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Sola Mugwanga

Expert - Business

Ennovent Global

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Horore Bell Bebga

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Likalo Education

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Gerassimos Spyridakis

Managing Director

Bank Julius Baer

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Paul Conneally

Head of Global Communications


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Emmanuelle Ganne

Senior Analyst, Economic Research and Statistics Division

World Trade Organization (WTO)

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Hiroshi Tominaga

General Manager

Japan Battery Regeneration, Inc.

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Marta Arsovska Tomovska

Director for PAR/Advisor for IT and Entrepreneurship

Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia

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Betty Bonnardel-Azzarelli


AB5 Consulting

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Neil Sahota

Business Development Leader, IBM Master Inventor

IBM Watson Group

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