GEW Technologies

South Africa

For more than half a century, GEW has been providing clients across the world with the capability to detect and protect in contemporary spectrum environments. As HENSOLDT South Africa’s spectrum dominance business line, GEW’s field-proven technologies detect, collect and evaluate with agility and precision to offer true signals intelligence. With a strong heritage and equipment operational in more than 30 countries, GEW has earned the trust and respect of the telecommunications community worldwide.

GEW’s spectrum monitoring systems enable regulatory authorities to effectively manage the crowded frequency spectrum with cutting-edge hardware and advanced analysis tools that offer real-time transmitter geolocation and spectrum monitoring. Our highly scalable and ITU-compliant solutions are used by authorities worldwide to take control of their national frequency spectrum.

GEW boasts a dedicated spectrum monitoring division and after growing our signals intelligence portfolio for more than 20 years, has become a prominent name in the local and international telecommunications community. GEW is a trusted name for delivering spectrum monitoring products, bespoke systems and specialised software, as well as spectrum monitoring and EMI training. GEW has been the supplier of choice to ICASA since its inception in 2000, delivering new solutions and maintaining and upgrading existing systems for nearly twenty years.