Data centres are the foundation of the new economy - and the infrastructure has to keep pace and match that growth. Immersion4 contributes to country leaders and city mayors who are constantly trying to balance the challenge of resource constraints and financial profitability against environmental sustainability concerns and community quality of life.

At the highest levels of government, data and energy independence is recognized as crucial to maintaining a nation’s economic and political security. Data is expected to be THE great natural resource, while data centres are the most energy consuming buildings on the planet, as the drastic increase in demand for cloud services drives data centre energy consumption.

Immersion4 contributes to solving the nation’s need for energy and data independence in a climate of greater demand and diminishing resources.
For Immersion4 the planet matters and drives the way we do business. Immersion4 DTM Technology is built on 4 pillars :

  • No water consumption
  • No CO2 emission
  • No GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission
  • Ethical approach