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Digital World 2019 Daily Highlights Day 4

E-agriculture solutions are always an interesting element of the showfloor at ITU Telecom World – and this year is no exception.

 Delegates explored innovative products such as Kepya’s marketplace platform for smallholder farmers in Angola. Market access is one of the biggest issues in the African farming sector, and one of the best ways to increase yield is through confirmation of market at the end of the crop season.

Keypa – which means “tillage” in Umbundu, one of Angola’s local languages – provides farmers with information on the availability of, and need for, agricultural products to promote quick transactions. This form of logistical support creates an agribusiness ecosystem, enabling producers and buyers to trade farming products and services, connecting farmers, suppliers and buyers through reliable carriers. Being available via app, web portal, telephone or text messaging, the app is easy to use and inclusive – and the ultimate aim is to create jobs, fight poverty and inspire a whole new generation of young farmers.

Limitless AI from Ghana is a startup company leveraging the power of machine learning algorithms and large data sets to aid farmers in achieving higher harvest yields. It aims to increase efficiency in farming in a sustainable manner in the face of climate change, and to secure the future of food in the world by merging agriculture with the emerging power of AI, turning data into actionable information for farmers. “Farmer’s Friend” is an agritech AI solution, a mobile hardware device to aid famers with an expert extension office and dynamic farming encyclopedia.

China’s TIAA (Telematics Industry Application Alliance) highlighted smart farm technology in Xinghua and Tongnan, as well as the process for autonomous agriculture and unmanned agricultural machineries and research groups.

From drones to smartphones, 2G handsets, IoT and AI – technology is turning the fields of the world into an easier, more profitable, more efficient, and sustainable place of work.

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