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It is not a secret that website security is essential for all types of organizations.

Member states and organizations of all sizes are increasingly challenged to adopt new technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization and IT outsourcing. To complicate this challenge, organizations face increasingly targeted and sophisticated attacks. Attackers now range from organized crime rings to advanced nation-states and are highly organized, skilled, and motivated. Despite the prevalence of firewalls, IPS, anti-virus and other security technologies, many businesses continue to fall victim to these attacks due to unintentional configuration errors. As a result, organizations are beginning to recognize the importance of human experience and analysis in a best-of-breed security architecture.

Ethical hacking companies offer tremendous value in their ability to share their advanced security knowledge and expertise with customers. This service enables organizations to adjust their security technologies, train their staff, and enact security practices that better protect critical systems and sensitive data. Ethical hacking services provide customers with objective and real-world assessments of  security weaknesses, vulnerability, risk, and remediation options. As a result, ethical hacking is rapidly gaining attention as an essential security practice that should be performed on a regular basis.

The fact that today theft of sensitive data is at greater risk than ever and web security is the most overlooked aspect of securing sensitive data.  According to and IdTheftCentre in 2013, hackers have infiltrated database aggregators like  Washington State court system, Yahoo, OVH, Central Hudson Gas & Electric, Nintendo, National White Collar Crime Center, as well as Adobe’s recent security breach and the resulting theft of personal data from over 38 million users, serves to demonstrate that even the giants of the technology world can fall victim to cyber threats.

We think  ITU Telecom World 2013 is the best platform for innovation showcasing and networking with the global ICT community team and we are proud to be a part of this community and be able to share knowledge and experience in the field of Ethical Hacking.

To find out more on how to make your organization more secure, and on ImmuniWeb – one of the tools to be used by ITU for assessing security of governments’ websites as part of a project to assist Least Developed Countries to secure Critical National Infrastructures (CNI), join us at the Cybersecurity Pavilion on the showfloor at ITU Telecom World.

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