Korean Start-ups on show at ITU Telecom World 2019

Digital World 2019 Daily Highlights Day 3

From pet health monitoring and a smart treasure hunt to drone-based street mapping and an indoor screen sports system, visitors to the Korea Startup Pavilion were able to discover a host of trailblazing innovations from the country’s rich tech startup ecosystem.

Visitors were able to sharpen their target practice skills by hitting colourful balloons with balls as they scrolled up a screen, using Image Mining’s Playcon screens, which provide indoor screen sport activity for children not able to go outside.

Ttem is a new social networking appcurrently being developed, where users can tag and link images directly into external sources, such as Google search or YouTube. Fitpet offers a new approach to keeping pets healthy, with an app that uses urinalysis to measure a number of pet health parameters, such as glucose, protein or pH, to diagnose a host of different illnesses.

Livebook is a live studio app and kiosk system, enabling users to order photo-related products via an app. Visitors were able to obtain wallet photos and badges onsite.

4S Mapper provides aerial, water surface & ground surveying, using a drone with Artificial Intelligence (AI) brain and eyes, enabling immediate viewing, measurement and collaboration via a URL. AI marketing startup Luken provides services matching customer to advertisers using image machine learning. Also on show was Mobilio, a vibration monitoring system for machine defects,  enabling users to detect problems early and avoid costly unplanned downtime, global drone lighting supplier Systec and more cutting edge products and services from tech innovation leader, Republic of Korea.

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