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Predictions from IEEE Spectrum on what they hope will be achieved in the coming 50 years.

Special Report: The Future We Deserve

We don’t know precisely what the next 50 years will bring. But we have an excellent idea of what will be possible, and we know what we hope will happen. So here are scenarios for some of the most promising of today’s technologies. If they develop along the lines we describe, we’ll get
the future we deserve.


We Will End Disability by Becoming Cyborgs

Neural interfaces and prosthetics will do away with biology’s failings

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Robots Will Pave the Way to Mars

Technologies that exploit space resources will finally open up the
solar system to human exploration

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Make Your Own World with Programmable Matter

People will conjure objects as easily as we now play music or movies

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Wearable Computers Will Transform Language

Smart clothes and accessories will let us share thoughts and sensations as well as words

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So, Where Are My Robot Servants?

Tomorrow’s robots will become true helpers and companions in
people’s homes—and here’s what it will take to develop them

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