Smart ABC at ITU Telecom World 2018

Digital World 2018 Daily Highlights Day 2

Innovations on show today at the Smart ABC Pavilion shared insight into work to bridge the urban-rural broadband divide and expand markets with the help Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). The pavilion has also featured a ‘lucky draw’, with winners receiving a Samsung Galaxy Note9.

Global Plan demonstrated lightweight fibre-optic cable designed with affordable deployment as its top priority. The Government of Nepal intends to use this lightweight optical cable to connect places as remote as Mount Everest Base Camp and Annapura Trekking Trail.

The solution is based ITU standards that define the shape of low-cost, terabit-capable optical cable that can be deployed on the ground’s surface with minimal expense and environmental impact. Learn more:  Ascending Mount Everest with lightweight fibre-optic cable

MVNOs say they are at Telecom World to meet with Africa’s regulators and network operators. They are hoping for a regional framework to enable MVNO business across Africa.

Tata Communications, PCCW and Legos are among the MVNOs that have offered insight into how MVNOs are helping other businesses to grow. MVNOs are well placed to support differentiated and convergence services. Connectivity has become key service innovation, with the result that a wide variety of sectors are investigating how MVNOs could help them to innovate their service offerings.

Telecom World attendees have heard how MVNOs are helping governments to improve public services. They have heard from a Malawian football club that has launched its own MVNO – the MVNO assists the Nyasa Big Bullets in interacting with their 6 million fans. They have even heard how the links between MVNOs and payment services are enabling MVNOs to support schools in engaging with the parents of their pupils, with the principles of digital transactions also applying to pupil performance reports and attendance records.

The Smart ABC Pavilion has also welcomed nine innovators from Rwanda to present their work as part of ITU’s new Smart ABC Incubator.

Three projects are proposed. The first aims to help Rwandans take control of their personal data. The second aims to bring greater financial stability to seasonal workers. The third aims to track livestock from buyer to seller, ensuring traceability in these high-value transactions.

The launch of the incubator was supported by Rwanda and Saudi Arabia, countries providing considerable institutional support for the growth of start-up tech cultures. The Smart ABC Incubator plans to assist countries in promoting homegrown innovation. This Incubator will assist young innovators in converting ideas and software into start-ups able to attract investment.

Stop by the Smart ABC Pavilion tomorrow to connect with innovators demonstrating ICT solutions addressing child abuse, FinTech and more!

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