South Africa’s dynamic SMEs on show at ITU Telecom World 2018

Digital World 2018 Daily Highlights Day 2

From e health or innovative intellectual property to affordable logistics, citizen engagement, beekeeping and more, some of South Africa’s most innovative tech solutions were on display at the South African SME Pavilion.

Transforming lives of citizens was one key area. SK Innovations passenger information system provides cloud-based access to passenger details, invaluable for drivers and passengers, as well as generating crucial data on citizen’s use of public transportation and minibuses to help with planning in future. Helping citizens engage in cities across South Africa is Puleg, a software developer whose co-city mobile platform helps citizens engage, report incidents, track the progress of these incidents and get hold of vital contact info from city authorities. Fanaka provides crucial information on informal business enterprises to big businesses, helping empower entrepreneurs in townships and rural communities.

Helping boost South Africa’s honey industry was Beedale, whose smart beekeeping technology spans the full beekeeping cycle from pollination to monitoring the hive and honey production, helping local honey production onto a world stage. Also on show was Cattle Watch, a cattle herd management technology which monitors, counts and locates cattle herds, also using drones, delivering the data direct to phones or tablets.

Innovative healthcare solutions were on display, including Young doctors, a healthcare innovation from young doctors currently practicing in the public sector which redefines healthcare from a doctor’s perspective using technology to help the experience for doctors at work and also patients. WatIF health showcased their innovative solutions for cascading medical knowledge to community health workers to help upskill nurses.

Innovations transforming the future of education included Vernacme, an online vernacular school- the country’s first- teaching children their own vernacular languages -and the culture behind them- through interaction and games.  NEPTECH takes ICT infrastructure to rural or underprivileged primary and secondary schools, enabling children to benefit from computer aided educational software. Encouraging children’s creativity through books is the idea behind Balabooks, an innovative collaborative online platform where children are encouraged to create, write, publish and even sell their own books.

Transforming the culture of the workplace was Strata, showcasing their innovative solutions for work place leaders to transform the working lives and corporate mindsets of their employees as they journey along their career path. Tapping into the new “gig economy” of our future work environment was LinkPro, a software provider whose solution connects consultants with opportunities at the same time as creating an online community for consultants and SMEs.

These and more of the country’s vibrant SME sector are on show at the South African SME Pavilion, be sure to take the time to go and meet and discover more!

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