Academic Bridge

Our aim in taking part in ITU Telecom World 2016 was to grow the project and our product’s credibility. The event was tremendously well organized, with many experienced people from the ICT sector giving great advice and recommendations, as well as the opportunity to meet potential investors. Winning the Telecom World Thematic Award, gave us media coverage throughout Rwanda and enabled us to attract more investment. Our clients believed in the platform and saw greater potential in us – we have grown from 13 schools to 42 this year, and expanded into three more countries in East Africa as a result of the recognition gained. This increase in clients has led us to improve our technology to meet their needs, adding features and growing the business in terms of both sales and staff. In the life of a startup, every founder wants their story to be heard, their business to be trusted and to grow. Winning the ITU Telecom Award makes all that possible – and even if you don’t win, just taking part allows you to be heard by different people who feed you with great insights that can change you and your business forever.