Accelerating innovation at ITU Telecom World 2015

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Accelerating innovation at ITU Telecom World 2015

Technology and innovation have always gone hand in hand – but perhaps never more so than today, where anyone who is connected anywhere in the world can create, design, programme, and implement tools, solutions, applications and products.

As major new trends redefine the ICT sector – from the development of 5G standards shaping future mobile communications to the growth of the Internet of Things and the emergence of network virtualization, mobile cloud computing and artificial intelligence – there is enormous scope for innovation in the ICT sector.

The constant generation of big data from mobile phones, multiple devices, wearable tech and even embedded solutions is leading to creative new business models and analytics for the commercial exploitation of data, consumer privacy solutions, big data for development and open government programmes.

Drones, balloons, community projects and the innovative use of white spaces and WiFi are revolutionising last (or first) mile connectivity, opening up new markets, new products and applications. Unresolved issues of trust, security and privacy remain in a world where data knows no boundaries and critical infrastructure in every nation is vulnerable to cyber attack from any quarter.

The scale of innovation and change is enormous, and the simultaneous arrival of so many industry game changers unprecedented. New partnerships across sectors, new forms of collaboration, new approaches to innovation are called for. This is the exciting background shaping the agenda of Forum debates at ITU Telecom World 2015, taking place from 12 – 15 October in Budapest, Hungary on the central theme of “Accelerating Innovation for social good”.

The Forum programme at the event will explore three main tracks: accelerating digital transformation, expanding access to digital opportunities and building trust for a connected future. From the current state of 5G to international standards in the Internet of Things, from new connectivity solutions to consumer trust in big data and the regulatory hurdles to innovation, the discussions will embrace the key issues of moment in the ICT sector – and address how together we can move forward on creating a better future for all, as soon as possible.

In line with ITU’s focus on fostering the small and medium enterprises (SMEs), micro businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups at the heart of ICT sector innovation, the Forum programme examines many of the issues from the perspective of entrepreneurs and small-scale innovators – from emerging markets as well as industrialized nations. Dedicated panel debates will explore how governments, regulators and corporates can work to support and advance SME innovators, learning directly from the experiences of successful start-up founders.

If you, or an expert you know, are interested in speaking in the Forum on any relevant topic or in any track, now is your chance to nominate a speaker: the Call for Nominations is open until 30 June. Attending the event also enables you to take part in the exhibition featuring SMEs, entrepreneurs and innovative solutions from around the world, as well as enjoying unique networking opportunities across emerging and developed markets, public and private sectors. Registration for event delegates is now open.

Let’s make better happen sooner. See you in Budapest this October!

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