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KT visitors were invited to hone their space piloting and car racing skills in high-action VR games, the centerpiece of KT’s impressive stand in the ITU Telecom World 2017 Exhibition. Also on show were KT’s latest innovations in the fields 5G, IoT, AI, machine learning, smart solutions plus partners Motion House-VR motion simulator, IRISYS-facial and iris recognition and ISUNG’s IoT powered LED signage.

Showcases outlined how different technologies will impact and improve lives in a host of areas spanning autonomous driving, air quality monitoring or energy management to helping curb the spread of infectious diseases and AI- TV.

5G network optimization, with ultra-low latency (sub 10ms), will enable users to enjoy speeds matching that of a local PC, even when working on high-performance graphics work. With commercial 5G deployment planned for 2019, the network will enable applications such as safe autonomous driving, precisely identifying locations and establishing v2X without any blind spots.

GiGA IoT powered platforms, harnessing KTs national infrastructure, will help monitor outdoor air quality and using big data will analyse organic fine dust state, providing forecasts by region, season and time.

KT’s Smart quarantine harnesses big data analysis of infectious disease data plus the user’s mobile roaming data to provide information to visitors to countries with infectious diseases, enabling users to receive targeted text messages with infectious disease information, helping them prevent the spread of infectious diseases like MERS, Zika or SARS

KT-MEG is the world’s first AI-realized integrated energy management platform, helping prevent energy waste and enhancing power generation revenue by predicting photovoltaic power generation

Also on show was KT’s high speed GiGA Wire technology and GiGA Genie, a home AI service which replaces an existing set-top TV box. GiGA Genie offers voice and distant speech recognition to have AI conversations with users, and a deep learning platform.

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