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Digital World 2020 Daily Highlights Day 1

Digital skills and education, the importance of public-private partnerships, a thriving tech startup environment and a focus on cybersecurity – key elements on display in the National Pavilions from around the world exhibiting online at ITU Virtual Digital World 2020.

Digital innovation is part of the national DNA in Finland – the country which brought us SMS, 5G and the Linux operating system. Finland’s success is built on active public-private sector cooperation, excellent education and digital capacity development, and a dynamic startup scene. With the highest number of digital startups per capita in the world and a culture of early adoption, it is a natural testbed for innovative global solutions.

Some of those on display in the virtual exhibition include Oivan’s network management system and cybersecurity solution; the PriveTX multi-purpose, high-security mobile device for critical voice, messaging and file transfer; and the Satel XPRS wireless router, a market leader in spectrally-efficient  mission-critical applications. And Finnish expertise is showcased in Omnitele’s future technology studies on 5G network evolution trends, spectrum analysis and data-driven predictive diagnoses.

Cuba’s digital sector is focused on software development, including products, services and applications for industry, business and society. The National Computerization Program is a central pillar in the country’s economic and social development strategy, with a strong emphasis on highly-skilled technical education and human capital. Cuba’s virtual pavilion highlights talent in the biotechnology industry and technical cooperation through ETI, health informatics specialists Oftel, software development company Desoft, and GEIC, a highly-experienced communications company committed to ensuring access to the information society is a universal right.

Connected Cambodia is the motto of the Ministry of Post, Telecommunications and ICT sectors in the Kingdom of Cambodia – and its vision is effective network infrastructure and accessible services to stimulate socio-economic development in the country, region and world. Its virtual pavilion features innovative solutions such as agritech firm SmartFarmAssistance, enabling soil measurements and remote irrigation by mobile phone; digital travel app BookMeBus; Osja Studio, the first Cambodian game development studio providing high-quality gaming experiences for mobile devices; and fintech specialist Bongloy, focused on open API for card issuance and digital payment infrastructure throughout Cambodia and South East Asia.

Innovation, technical excellence and digital talent are in abundance in this global virtual exhibition – open for a month online, generating contacts, ideas and opportunity.

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