Organized by KISED (Korea Institute of Startup & Entrepreneurship Development), the Korea Pavilion at ITU Telecom World 2019 hosted high growth potential startups and SMEs using innovative technology, benefiting from business meetings, networking and investment proposals. Korean startups covered a range of technologies and applications, including Live Book (smart photo O2O service), Mobilio (machine defect monitoring system), Systec (searchlight technology with drones), ELFE (location-based event generation app), Image Mining (indoor screen sports recognition sensor), Coding Array (coding educational kit), Trendy Items (multiple image link SNS platform), Fitpet (pet urine testing kit and app), and 4S Mapper (road condition checking platform using deep learning and drones). Over the course of the event, the startups gained a total of 11.57m USD in business consultation from 607 meetings. Highlights included a 2m USD investment proposal for 4S Mapper and negotiations on a proposed national digital transportation agency in Saudi Arabia; agreements signed by ELFE with a Hungarian multi-language content solutions company and a game app developer from Myanmar; collaborative proposals and corporate investment from government agencies in Ghana, Mozambique and Nigeria looking to work with Livebook; incubation investment for Image Mining; and a deal for Coding Array to provide coding teaching materials with two universities in Hungary.