Our main reason for coming to ITU Telecom World was to make the most of the opportunity to tell our innovative solution story to the world through exposure to event’s global platform, so we can attract a lot more countries to use our universal digital addressing solution, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa. This will in turn connect us to buyers, investors, partners and sponsors. We took part in the exhibition with the Ghana Pavilion, where we engaged with the high-profile delegation that visited our booth in the company of the ITU Secretary-General. We also pitched for the Global SME Awards and joined training session sessions on attracting investors, where we learnt a lot on how to change our financial partnership posture with international funding agencies, and on positioning our business solution for the right media support going forward. Taking part in the SME Programme and Awards gave us first-hand experience of other tech solutions from around the world, global exposure to investors, media, government and international organizations, and an opportunity to learn from other tech companies on their disruptive solutions. It is very encouraging to have been awarded the ITU Telecom World Global SME Award for Best Business Model, which has given us a bigger endorsement in referencing the ITU platform. With this recognition, the future looks amazing and very positive!