Semse Apps

Semse Apps develop unique applications for neurofeedback devices which can help our ufor sers learn to release stress consciously, become calm and focus better.  We took part in ITU Telecom World 2019 to make new connections and expand the horizon of our partnerships - which we believe we have succeeded in doing. It was incredible to be a part of the Hungarian pavilion. There were teams from so many countries which made the whole experience even more colourful with very high standards. Presenting to the audience and learning so many new ways to pitch was an exciting opportunity, and a real highlight for us. We met several other SMEs with similar interests, as well as meeting many people from different sectors, providing us with potential connections for the future - we have already been contacted by several companies. Taking part has enabled us to validate our startup idea, raise awareness of a possible solution to reduce stress and receive a large amount of feedback. It has been an honour, and given us a big boost for the future.