Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman, Managing General Partner REDDS Capital

I speak from my experiences as guiding more than $10 trillion USD in investments as chairman, founder, and board member in business/finance, serial entrepreneurship, global computing science organizations, industry organizations and think tanks, and global summits. As Chair of REDDS Capital, in terms of venture capital and growing new start-ups, the ITU Telecom World Global SME Awards represent the finest entrepreneurs in the world with the added benefit of supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. As a contributor to the UN ITU Emerge Report on start-up innovation and returning jury member at the Global SME Awards in 2017 and 2018, the grit and passion exhibited by the top entrepreneurs is accentuated by the talent and expertise of the UN ITU staff administrators of the awards. I highly recommend entrepreneurs globally to engage in the Global SME Awards – as well as investors such as ourselves at REDDS Capital who are looking to gain high returns on investments plus actionable SDG impact.

Stephen Ibaraki, Chairman, Managing General Partner REDDS Capital, 14x Microsoft MVP awardee, Founder ITU AI for Good, and Steering Committee AI Pioneers